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Food To The Rescue

Do You Have A Prozac Deficiency?

There has been such a marked rise in prescription anxiety and depression meds it’s  alarming to me and to my colleagues.  So I think we all need to take a look at the big picture. We shouldn’t look at a symptom and just treat the symptom but rather try to figure out the cause and remedy that.

So let us take a look at possible factors involved with these conditions. I am not saying this is what is causing your personal symptoms. You need to work with your holistic health care practitioner for that. I am merely giving you things to look at.

1. Our diets are one place to look. Large amounts of sugar spikes cause ups and downs in mood that can be pretty extreme. This can look like anxiety AND depression.  Artificial chemicals in your food can also cause behavioral changes. Wheat is another causative factor. I think everyone should read the book “Grain Brain” because it is written by a neurologist who explains some links between wheat and many neurological problems.

2. Another thing people may not think about is chemicals we are exposed to. Chlorine which is in our water (tap water and swimming pools) affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid regulates hormones and can play a role in depression and anxiety. Also bromine which can be in swimming pools and baked goods like bread. It also affects the thyroid.

This is just a starting point. I just want to get you thinking. If you suffer from anxiety or depression it can be debilitating. But maybe, just maybe there is a solution right under you nose……..

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